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Our Company Profile

After 5 years in operation since 2019, We, V-Isea Vietnam Co., Ltd thanks to our customers who always trust and stay along with our developement.

As Manning agent, our company is an MLC 2006 approval SRPS/MLC-2006 License No.: 011/GXN-CCHP license by Vietnam Maritime Administration, Export Labor Certificate No. 14/LĐTBXH-GP, and ISO 9001:2015 Certifying Quality Management System by VCB.

We have bought crewing system from Ukraine to maximize our task and well-managed our labor while expand company. Our Sea labor – Shore labor service & management aim to continue supplying service separately with Operation/Agency departments to create more work channel to Vietnam seafarers and meet principal’s requirement.

We would like to thank indeed for your interest in getting to know about and giving opportunities of employing Vietnamese crew for your good vessels. That is because using Vietnamese crew can help shipping companies cut running costs of their fleet by a wide margin through reducing much of the manning costs without compromising on crew quality. It is likely that this idea is new to you to decide, but some big shipping companies in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have been employing Vietnamese crew for nearly two decades and they have taken good advantages of Vietnamese crew to make their competitiveness edge. In view of this approach, we would like to recommend V-Isea Vietnam Co., Ltd as a potential and trustworthy partner in supplying good Vietnamese crew for your vessels if you are interested in this cooperation idea.

All vessel owners and Principals require competent and efficient crew who shall be tasked with specific functions on board their vessels. On this premise, we pride ourselves in serving our principals to the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism plus the Vietnamese mentality of adaptability and flexibility to the latest trends in worldwide seafaring.

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