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Crew manning Services

Isea Manpower Management has been in the human resource business for 4 years now and has been providing good officers and ratings to some of the world's most recognizable conventional vessels.

Isea Manpower Management has focused on the recruitment and supply of quality manpower for Bulk Carrier, Tanker (Chemical, Oil Products, LPG), General Cargo Ship, Container Ship.

With 15 officers and staff who attend to the requirements of its clientele, the company offers its principals an assurance that the manpower being supplied is qualified, competent, and disciplined crewmembers and adhere to a strict code of practices of safety and comfort, not to mention the safety of cargo, the environment of the ship itself and the invaluable human life.
No enterprise can operate without quality staff. Isea Manpower Management Co., Ltd is operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel with a deep sense of integrity as our owned slogan “STEER YOUR DREAM”.

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