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Fall Preventing Devices

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                                                                                 By Capt. Huy / V-Isea Vietnam Co., Ltd - Steer Your Dream

“Fall Preventer Device” (FPD) can be used to minimize the risk of injury or death by providing a secondary alternate load path in the event of failure of the on-load hook or its release mechanism or of accidental release of the on-load hook

Design and operation of FPDs

2.1 Locking pins
The following points should be considered when utilizing locking pins as FPDs:

  1. existing on-load release hooks fitted to ships should not be modified by drilling to provide a locking pin insertion point unless approved by the Administration in accordance with paragraph 4, as this may significantly reduce the strength of the hook;
  2. locking pins should have clear operational instructions located near the insertion point of the locking pin and be colour coded so that it is clear where the pins are to be inserted;
  3. locking pins should be designed so that they cannot be inadvertently inserted in the wrong place;
  4. locking pins should be confirmed to be in place prior to turning out the lifeboat and during descent to the water;
  5. strict procedures, including a warning notice at the release handle, should be in place to ensure that the locking pin is removed before the release mechanism is activated. The handle of the locking pin should be coloured red or a suitable contrasting safety colour and prominently marked with a warning that it must be removed before activating the release mechanism;
  6. the removal of the pin should be achievable quickly and easily without posing any risk to the operating crew designated to carry out the task once the lifeboat has reached the water;
  7. if the removal of the pins requires opening of the lifeboat hatch it should be readily achievable by the operating crew at each device from within the craft;
  8. once the on-load release hooks have been connected to recover the lifeboat, the locking pins should be re-inserted before the boat is hoisted clear of the water. The locking pins should be designed so that they do not interfere with either the lifting or re-stowing of the lifeboat into the davits; and
  9. where provided, fall preventer locking pins should not be used for any other purpose and should be fitted to the lifeboat at all times.


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