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How to order AVCSs and keep it up to date

Date 11-04-2021 Views 148

By Capt. Huy / Isea Marine Co., Ltd - Steer Your Dream

ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) for ships has gained popularity over the years and has become a real necessity for safe navigation at sea. The mandatory carriage of ECDIS has been implemented on almost all ships depending upon the type and gross tonnage of the vessel. It is widely believed that ECDIS will be an essential aid for safe navigation.

The method of procurement of electronic charts is different when compared to paper charts. Unlike paper charts which are only purchased once, until a new edition is published or a chart is canceled, electronic charts are purchased through a licensing system called “permits”. Permits are used to control the permission to use a chart. They prevent unofficial copying and distribution.

To prevent additional costs may happen, before proceed to order ENCs you need to follow up strictly 06 points as below checklist to prevent further additional costs and order unnecessarily ENCs.



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