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Ordering & Mornitoring Ship Provision

Date 28-04-2021 Views 278

By Capt. Huy / Isea Marine Co., Ltd - Steer Your Dream

Seafarers worked with different nationalities (China, Filipino, Greece, Ukraine, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Bangladesh)...So the way to cook each country cuisine also a matter to Chief cook onboard. Seafarers at sea work in tough environmental conditions which often require a good amount of physical strength. The food for seafarers needs to be of the best quality with all the necessary ingredients required to support a healthy body and mind. But the quality and the quantity of the meals onboard are dependent on a myriad of factors, some of which are controllable, whereas and others are not. Most companies provide a victualing allowance on a per man per day basis, which varies from one company to another and ranges depend on its system.

On the alleged inadequacies of food provisions supplied onboard affects the well-being of the Officers and Crew on board ship, it is best to take a close look at the grass-root level

The method of Ordering, Supply & Storing of provision is quite important on board to keep all crew healthy and work well.


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