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Prevent Black Smoke Emission at Port

Date 18-04-2021 Views 337

By Capt. Huy & C.E Duong/ Isea Marine Co., Ltd - Steer Your Dream

Isea Marine crew, When vessel calling at the port and during keeping watch on deck or engine room, you have to be aware of black smoke released from the ship funnel and port workers/authority will complain about this matter.

With stringent environmental regulations and health concerns, several ports are against ships oozing out thick black smoke in their ports.  In many ports, it is seen that the port workers completely stop the cargo operations because of this reason. Such situations are not good for ships as they would lead to unwanted delays by port authorities and the company will have to pay extra charges to the port authorities.

For this reason, the engineers are always under pressure to eliminate the causes producing such unwanted black smoke when the ship is at the port.

Let’s take a look at the preventive measures and checkpoint to rectify this problem and how to solve this matter well.

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